Banshees, also referred to as Wailing Women, are a breed of female supernatural beings that have long been present in Irish mythology.


Banshees find their origin in Irish mythology and have long been perceived as an omen of death. According to mythology, the Banshee can sense upcoming death and scream as a warning. However, they are sometimes mistaken as causing death to occur.


Physical TraitsEdit

Banshees are indistinguishable from ordinary humans, even to supernatural beings possessing heightened senses. The powers of a Banshee remains dormant until she has a near-death experience.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Magical Abilities
Sonic Screaming: The ability to unleash screams of a inhuman amplitude, capable of shattering glass and causing blood vessels to burst.
Hypnotic Voice: The ability to hypnotize other beings with one's voice, putting them in a trance-like state and influencing their thoughts and actions.
Death Sensing: The ability to sense upcoming death in others.


Physical Weaknesses
Mortality: Aside from their magical abilities, Banshees are mortal like any other human and can be killed in the same manner.