Photokinesis is the supernatural ability to create and manipulate light, which is essentially electromagnetic radiation that exists in various wavelengths. The Fae possess the ability to create and manipulate light to various effects.

Effects of Photokinesis



The primary and most basic function of Photokinesis is the ability to create light to illuminate one's surroundings. The Fae possess the ability to emit light directly from their bodies, illuminating themselves. By focusing this ability, they can emit light from their hands as a source of light.

Offensive Usage


Photokinesis can use used offensively by producing powerful blasts of light that have a concussive effect, blasting the target with great impact. The Fae can emit this light from their entire body as a defensive ability, or direct it through their hands as a weapon. With enough focus and time, these blasts can also be used to generate heat and cause burning or ignition.

Sunlight Imitation

One of the rarest and most difficult aspects of Photokinesis is the ability to imitate and produce the effects of sunlight. This aspect of Photokinesis can be used offensively on Vampires, as they possess a weakness to sunlight. Depending on the concentration of sunlight, this ability can be used to harm Vampires or reduce them to ashes.