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Spell Casting is the supernatural ability to use spells and incantations to perform magic. In order to achieve certain feats of magic, witches and warlocks often need to perform a spell or ritual to channel the required energy and ensure the desired effect. The language used in spells is often Latin.

Spell casting may be a complicated and difficult process that may prove exhausting for witches. However, this is dependent of several factors, such as the difficulty of the spell, the amount of energy required and the power of the witch in question. Witches born with more inherent power may cast more powerful spells compared to lesser witches.

The more complex a spell, the more concentration it requires. Concentration is an important factor in spells, as mistakes can lead to the spell failing or backfiring. When casting particularly powerful spells, witches may enter a trance-like state to channel energy. If a witch is interrupted in this state, it will cause the spell to fail, which may result in the magic backfiring and even killing the caster.