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Succubi, and their male counterparts Incubi, are a breed of supernatural beings that feed off the life force and sexual energy of living beings.


In folklore, Succubi and Incubi were once believed to be demons that preyed on men and women in their sleep for sexual intercourse. Although supernatural, Succubi and Incubi are not demonic in nature.


Succubi and Incubi are solitary creatures that generally avoid getting close to others, because their supernatural abilities will draw the attention of others whether they choose it or not.

Physical Traits

Succubi and Incubi are beings that resemble humans in all aspects, except that they are viewed as more attractive and beautiful than most. They are capable of conceiving children with regular humans. When Succubi and Incubi use their abilities, their eyes will glow light blue. The abilities of their kind will not manifest as long as they still possess their virginity.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities
Energy Draining: The supernatural ability to drain the sexual energy from living beings through physical contact and feed off their life force.
Lust Inducement: The supernatural ability to induce sexual lust in other beings through physical contact.
Longevity: The supernatural ability to increase one's mortal lifespan through supernatural means.
Accelerated Healing: The supernatural ability to heal from sustained wounds and injuries at a rapid speed.
Mental Abilities
Dream Manipulation: The supernatural ability to enter and manipulate the dreams of other people.


Physical Weaknesses
Mortality: Although they can expand their lifespan through feeding on the life force of others, Succubi and Incubi are mortal and will eventually die.
Decapitation: Succubi and Incubi can be killed through decapitation.
Heart Extraction: Succubi and Incubi can be killed by ripping their hearts from their chests.
Sexual Need: Succubi and Incubi are dependent on the sexual energy and life force of living beings to sustain themselves.
Magic: As most supernatural being, Succubi and Incubi are vulnerable to magic.
Mental Weaknesses
Sexual Addiction: Feeding off the sexual energy of other beings causes a euphoric effect that can easily become highly addictive.